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‘Our very own’ Spiti Prifti olive oil

‘Our very own’ Spiti Prifti olive oil

Yes we make our very own olive oil at Spiti Prifti!

The care of four to five hundred olive trees in Spiti Prifti estate, keeps us busy throughout the year.

Picking olives during November, is part of our cultural heritage and something the Prifti family has been doing for generations.

As well as having our very own olive oil, there is something sacred in picking olives from the land while the light sparkles silver then gold off the autumn olive tree leaves.

Greece is well known for its olive oil production and in recent years, Corfu has seen an increase of exceptional olive oil quality and production.

There is an estimated three million olive trees on Corfu island alone. The oldest tree dates back some 500 years in the village of Agios Prokopios.

The naturist Gerlad Durrell, who lived part of his life in Corfu, once wrote of the olive: “A taste older than meat, older than wine. A taste as old as cold water.”

The good news for all Spiti Prifti guests is that we use our very own olive oil when serving food by the pool side.

We make sure we use the freshest of ingredients when cooking, but using our very own Spiti Prifti Olive Oil is our pride and our joy!

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