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Sailing & Gouvia Marina

Sailing & Gouvia Marina

Sailing from or to Gouvia Marina is an amazing experience. Gouvia Bay provides a natural connection between the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas. It is in fact a safe haven for mariners and other travellers alike. The area was chosen by the Venetian sea captains of the 17th century. It was the most suitable location for the creation of a naval base and a shipyard. In the tradition of these old sea masters, today’s visitor enjoys a fully organised, high-end marina. Gouvia Marina can accommodate up to 960 boats. Boats up to 60 metres long and 6 metres in depth can use the marina for short or longer-term docking. Full local technical and engineering support services and taxis or car rental agencies are available on site. In addition, security is assured within the marina area, with 24-hour security checks at both marina entrances.

Sailing from or to Gouvia Marina & Spiti Prifti Apartments

Sailing Gouvia Marina

Spiti Prifti Apartments is a beautiful pool and garden oasis. Just a few kilometres north of Corfu Town, in the seaside resort of Gouvia. Just a short walk away from Spiti Prifti Apartments, Gouvia Marina features a full range of visitor and marine services for experienced sea masters or sailing lovers alike. Food provisions, launderettes, etc. Gouvia Marina has a high standard of services and facilities. This is why it has become an international hub of sailing fans and specialists.

If you simply wish to dream of a life of adventure at sea take a stroll down to the marina. Take a look at the many exceptional vessels that dock there all year-round. Do you wish to learn how to sail or go out to sea for the day with an experienced skipper? If yes, this is the heart of a seafaring island.

Guest at Spiti Prifti can easily visit the Gouvia marina. Morning and evening entertainment with many good quality cafes, bars and restaurants lace the waterfront. Have you considered a weekend sailing holiday as part of your stay at Spiti Prifti? We look forward to answering any of your queries.

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