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Throwing Pots out of windows for Easter?

Throwing Pots out of windows for Easter?

Yes you read it right! Corfiots throw pots out of windows for Easter.

If you haven’t already heard about Corfu’s spectacular Easter traditions, you can’t say you haven’t after reading this.

Easter in Corfu is one of the world’s ‘must see in this lifetime’ events, where music fills the air and huge terracotta pots get thrown out of sky high buildings.

The UNESCO World Heritage Town of Corfu celebrates Greek Orthodox Easter in a spectacular way.

The entire Holly Week is full of processions, litanies and religious services that are accompanied by brass bands through the town’s characteristically narrow streets.

The music is amplified by the unique architecture, windows are dressed in royal red, while street lights have been changed to mauve.

When Easter happens to come so late, visitors to Corfu can experience intoxicating spring aromas. The wisterias are out in full bloom, the roses are pink and bright red, while the sky is fluorescent blue.

The month of May, is in fact the best time of year to visit Corfu.

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