Travelling through generations at Spiti Prifti Apartments

Travelling through generations at Spiti Prifti Apartments

Philoxenia, or Hospitality as is also known throughout the world, entails a much deeper meaning in Greece. This country, breaths and survives through the years because of its Philoxenia.

Family moments - another get together to remember - Spiti Prifti

Family moments – another get together to remember – Spiti Prifti

At Spiti Prifti Apartments, we take huge pride in our Hospitality. As a family business in Greece, we have survived through the last couple of decades with the mere notion of Philoxenia. As a result, we have a tendency to attract more families, looking for the perfect holiday getaway in Greece. A place where not only you can relax in the spacious apartments, but where you can soak the sun by the pool’s manicured gardens, sip a chilled glass of wine, and watch your kids dive away in the pool.

For many families, it has become increasingly hard to find an ideal destination for all the family. Where everyone can have a relaxing time, with casual, friendly service. The kind that puts you at ease from arrival. Where the neighborhood is safe and if you happen to forget your door unlocked at night, your sleep will still be restful. The type of place where owners and stuff alike, know you by name and make you feel welcome.

Repeat visits create fond memories and friendships

Many families visit us year after year for these reasons. Spit Prifti Apartments is a second home to them. After all, they are aware of how important Families are to us. They can’t wait to drive from the airport, check in and settle by the pool bar. Their kids need a little less supervising each year as they grow up. It is important for their upbringing to experience this unique atmosphere of Philoxenia.


Little Rascal-iers at Spiti Prifti

They know what to expect at our apartments. Dive off into the pool, swim as fast as they can and feel like Thorp for a while. Their parents have given them permission to order those Chicken nuggets from the bar if they feel a little, light headed. They won’t need to come up with a special room ID because the pool staff know and remember them.

They bump into Sam and Nickie from last year at the pool bar.Wait, they are the one’s that they played pool and UNO with right? Sam must have finished his 3rd form this year, better ask him what lays ahead for me this coming year too. Nickie, his older sister, gave us advise on how to keep fit and beat everyone in track and field at school this past year.

We feel very happy and proud to witness this Travelling through generations at Spiti Prifti Apartments. We have seen the greatest of friendships form around the pool bar. Great debates and discussions going around the tables. When the music gets going, dancing seems to be natural and contagious and everybody joins in.

Welcoming our guests year after year and catching up with each other’s lives is a great feeling. Knowing how their year went since their last visit at Spiti Prifti. Their kids achievements at school. Other trips they may have taken and how Corfu’s sun and climate is nowhere to be met.

It certainly feels like we are welcoming our extended family each year. Watching them grow both in years and family members. Watch them transform from playful characters, playing with other family kids, to cool teenagers acting the part. Their parents, being so proud of their children and so happy that another successful year at school went by.

Their experiences throughout the years at Spiti Prifti, will help create fond memories. Lasting memories for the heavy winter ahead. Lasting memories of great childhoods and family bondings.

Enjoy our picture gallery below – filled with precious moments



*We did our best to include as many of our pictures as possible! There are even more family pictures you can browse through in our Guest Gallery.