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What makes a good family holiday?

What makes a good family holiday?

Spiti Prifti Apartments on the Greek island of Corfu are the result of the dedicated love and care of the Prifti family. The owners of Spiti Prifti, Leonidas and Maria Priftis and their family have lovingly looked after the complex since 1980.

“Family is important to us and we consider it the foundation upon which Spiti Prifti was built” says their daughter Eleni Prifti. Eleni oversees every aspect of your stay at Spiti Prifti, will answer any of your queries about the island and its sights and ensure your first visit will be the first of many.
“We feel the fact that so many families visit and enjoy Spiti Prifti and then return year after year is a reflection of our own strong family ties” she explains.

But a good family holiday will always be the result of family wanting to spend quality time together.
In the relaxing and beautiful garden oasis of Spiti Prifti Apartment complex you and your family will finally have the time and ideal space to spend quality time together whilst the Prifti family take care of the rest.
Holidaying with children can leave you wondering about numerous things such as how to entertain them and how to keep them safe.

At Spiti Prifti our intent is on you feeling at ease as soon as you arrive. Welcoming gardens, friendly staff as well as guests and some fury four legged friends will leave you wondering what all the worry was about in the first place?

There is something for everyone at Spiti Prifit. Toddlers love their first swim and learning how to crawl on our manicured lawn while younger kids enjoy making friends in the pool and eating ice cream to their heart’s content.

Teenagers and young adults will certainly enjoy nearby beach volleyball, fun watersports or even the odd night out dancing in Kontokali village. Corfu’s private marina just a few hundred metres away is a safe and attractive entertainment option with many all-day cafes, evening bars and restaurants for everyone in the family.

At Spiti Prifti Apartments there is something for everyone to enjoy on holiday and to keep smiles on all faces. Our pool side bar and restaurant caters for most tastes and will gladly help you cater for even the most fussy young appetites.

Corfu’s general hospital is 2km away whilst every possible amenity can be found in Kontokali resort just a few hundred metres away.

Spiti is the Greek word for home and we chose it because we’d like you and your family to feel at home as soon as you arrive here.

What is important to you and your family whilst on holiday?

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