FAMILY is important in Greece.

Big families, extended families, traditional families, often seem to be one big family in this part of the world.

If you are not a brother or a sister, you are most certainly a cousin or an aunt, and if that doesn’t resolve itself through the bloodline, then you must certainly be a “Koumbara” of some sort.

We eat together, we pray together and most often we live together.

At the best of times we share our resources, our food and our problems too.

Vendettas are also born out of strong family ties of course, which most often translate as lifelong disputes over the number of one’s olive trees.

Many businesses in Greece are run by families and when this works, it is powerful beyond measure.

We take pride in what we share and what we offer and so we would like others to experience the warmth of our own SPITI*.


And so at Spiti Prifti because we are family “We think family”.


It is tradition in Greece and of course in Corfu too, to name a child after its grandparents, which results in a copious amount of people baring the same name.

In addition to this, names are usually taken after the patron saint of a particular town or place. In Thessaloniki its Agios Dimitrios and in Corfu its St. Spyridon that lends his name.

And so the joke goes that if you call out Spyro down the main street of Corfu Town, you’ll get at least a handful of people turning around!

This gets even more perplexing if you are from the same village. People from Lefkimmi, for example, will have the surname Lefkimmiotis, as in the one who is from this particular southern Corfu island village.

And so you might have Spyros Lefkimmiotis one, two and three all from the same village but not frame the same father!

Confusing? Yes, we think so too.


At Spiti Prifti we believe we’ve got something right. We offer warm traditional hospitality that makes our guests feel part of the family.


Oh and by the way, if you feel like having your own BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING over here, we will gladly help you out with that too!

*SPITI is the Greek word for home.