The Ultimate packing list for visiting Corfu and Spiti Prifti Apartments

Do you dislike packing up for your holiday?

It’s not one of the things we enjoy either! Packing up and deciding what to take with you every time you go on holiday can be daunting! Which is why we decided to come up with The Ultimate packing list for visiting Corfu and Spiti Prifti Apartments!

Sometimes you just wish you could press a magic button

It has certainly cross my mind in more than one occasion. I just wanted to press a button and have my luggage instantly packed and ready to go! Have all of the necessary clothes for the destination I’m heading, neatly packed and organised. All of my accessories included so I don’t miss anything while I’m there. Unfortunately there is no magic formula here! No magic buttons or thought controlled – instant packing techniques – either. We all have to do it ourselves manually.

For some of you this process can be quick and easy. The rest of us can spend hours, (or even days), pacing up and down and throughout our house, throwing clothes up in the air. Packing and folding carefully several garments inside our suitcase, only to change our minds a few minutes later and throw them back in the closet again. Lets start over!

What if I need that dress for a night out?

..but I need to have at least five different coloured tops so I have plenty of choice..!

Does that sound familiar?

I’m pretty sure it does for many of you out there reading this post! Gents, are not out of the equation either. Sometimes they can be worse than the ladies too. Just because your closets are not as varied and complicated as a lady’s closet, it doesn’t make the packing job any easier.

Which is why we decided to put together the Ultimate Packing List

For the sake of simplicity and efficiency, we decided to separate the list into different sections. Moreover, to split it up for Lady’s and Gent’s so we don’t have any complaints from you gentlemen! We are not going to list every single item we think necessary here, in this post. We will do a summary of items for each section. As an added bonus, we have included two separate links at the end!The Ultimate packing list for visiting Spiti Prifti Apartments

These links are for you to download ‘The Ultimate Packing List‘. It is a simple, yet very useful, detailed list that you can use with check marks. For your convenience we have also included a blank, A4 copy with check marks so you can also compile your own as you see fit.

These lists are focused towards your visit to Corfu and Spiti Prifti Apartments. However with a little tweaking from your part, you can use them for any destination also. We compiled this list for a week’s visit. If you are planning on visiting us for more, please adjust numbers accordingly.


  • Light Jacket – Windbreaker type for the occasional cool evening
  • Summer Dresses – 2 (or Jeans if you are visiting during May or September)
  • Shorts – Bermuda type for day or night – 2-3 pairs
  • Shirts – if you feel like dressing the part for the evening dinner, 1 will do
  • T-shirts – at least 3 if you plan on wearing them throughout the day
  • Underwear – you know best how many pairs.
  • Tank tops – while useful, they may give you a nasty sunburn – up to you
  • Skirts – at least one


  • 1 pair of non-slippery trainers
  • 1 pair of leather Sandals – they have to be classy


  • 1 Sarong
  • 2 swimsuits – it is a must to have more than one
  • No beach towels – we provide these for your convenience
  • Hat – up to you what style of hat
  • 1 pair of Flip flops – they will be very handy
  • Sunscreen – if you think you need to have your absolute favourite, otherwise you can get them here too of course
  • 1 Beach bag will come in very handy


  • 1 light wind breaker jacket for the occasional cool evening breeze in Corfu
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 pair of trousers-if you like to get more fancy in the evenings. Our pool is casual however!
  • 2 Shirts
  • 2-3 of your favourite t-shirts
  • A few pairs of socks if you must
  • Underwear – well, I’m not going to tell you how many you need!


  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • 2 swimsuits
  • No beach towels – we provide these for your convenience
  • Hat – up to you what style of hat
  • Sunscreen – if you think you need to have your absolute favourite, otherwise you can get them here too of course
  • 1 Gym bag will come in very handy
  • 1 pair of Flip flops – or other shoes/trainers that are suitable for the beach.
  • 1-2 t-shirts for the beach

We couldn’t complete this post without compiling a list of most commonly used tech gear as well. Most of us today are heavily reliant on our gadgets. Whether we go on holiday or in our daily lives we use a number of different gadgets for our communication needs. Mobile phones, tablets are just a few of these. Here is a list of the few bare necessities you will need for your week at Spiti Prifti Apartments:


  • Mobile phone chargers – makes it to the very top of our list. If you have the same brands/OS, (Android – iPhone), you only need to bring one charger.
  • Tablet charger, if you are bringing one for your week here.
  • E-Reader – if a Kindle kind of device is an inseparable part of you, then you will need its own charger.
  • USB stick/memory stick – it an always come in handy. You can pre-load it with some important travel documents if you want to be in full control or have a few movies in there if you intend on keeping up with the few un watched episodes of your favourite series.

We could go on with these lists, but we decided to provide most of the necessary items of each category here. At the end of this post we have put together a more thorough list of everything along with check marks for you. It will cover most of your needs for a week’s visit to beautiful Corfu and Spiti Prifti Apartments.

As an added bonus, we are also supplying you with an empty A4, check mark list so you can fill in and use as you see fit.




*Kindly note that once you click on the above links, you will need to wait a few seconds for the ‘Download’ button, to be accessible!